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Saniswiss - S4 Sanitizer Plus+ 100ml 【Original Licensed Goods】

Saniswiss - S4 Sanitizer Plus+ 100ml 【Original Licensed Goods】

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Product Description

Saniswiss - S4 Sanitizer Plus+ 750ml【Original licensed goods】

Country of OriginSwitzerland/EU
DescriptionMain ingredients: quaternary amine compound, nonionic surfactant, disodium edetate, water, non-allergenic natural perfume


Put the atomized disinfectant into the atomizer to atomize and disinfect indoor and outdoor objects
Storage method:
Store in a cool place
Do not eat, drink or inhale directly
Do not directly use it for food sterilization or spraying food after eating
Don't let children touch it, if you accidentally drink it by mistake, you should drink plenty of water and seek medical assistance
In case of accidental contact with eyes, wash immediately with clean water for several minutes and seek medical assistance
Do not use this product together with other disinfection / similar products
Care must be taken to choose a safe and suitable atomizer to be used together. Do not use it in any atomizer with a working degree higher than 35 degrees Celsius

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