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Saniswiss - Sanicleaner Hands H2 Hand Cleaner 500ml【Original licensed goods】

Saniswiss - Sanicleaner Hands H2 Hand Cleaner 500ml【Original licensed goods】

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Brands Saniswiss
Product Code: H2-500
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Product Description

Packing Spec500ml
Country of OriginSwitzerland/EU
  • Neutral pH
  • Tested dermatologically
  • Frequent hand and body cleansing
Formulated with ingredients of organic origin. Alkali-free with excellent cleansing performances. Tested dermatologically to prevent skin irritation or allergy. 


Biosanitizer H2 is a hand sanitizer that can thoroughly cleanse the skin. The ingredients of the environmentally friendly formula are derived from natural organic substances and contain no allergens, pigments and preservatives.

This product has a particularly mild cleansing liquid that has been extensively dermatologically tested and proven to be non-sensitizing and safe to the skin, not irritating to the skin, causing dryness and sensitivity.Therefore, it is especially suitable for children with young skin
Since this product does not contain soap, it can be recommended for people who are allergic to soap.

All health, hygiene, care and disinfection products manufactured by Saniswiss must pass the strict quality inspection and testing of the European Union, including the Swiss Federal Public Health Office (Federal Office of Public Health) and Swiss Medical Administration (Swissmedic) approval.

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