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BYD Care Infrared Forehead Thermometer

HKD 150.00
- No contact, no cleaning, easy to operate- Quick display in less than 1 second. Accurate measurement of internal and external temperature- Fever siren- Backlight LCD Display- Switch between Celsius a..
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BYD Care Nitrile Examination Gloves (100 PCs/Box) (Out of Stock)

HKD 30.00
- Disposable examination glove- Nitrile Examination Powder Free Gloves- Soft, flexible, comfortable and skid- Widely used in medical examination, dentistry, first-aid, healthcare, etc.- Brand: BYD Car..

iTear Natural Tear Booster

HKD 2,180.00 HKD 2,480.00
• Uses non-invasive vibration technology to stimulate your own tear secretion through external nasal nerve stimulation, significantly increasing the level of native tear secretion by 56%• Recognized b..

Level 2 Isolation Gown

HKD 20.00
- Certification: FDA, CE- Standards: AAMI PB70 L2- Materials: 100% polyester with film- Weigth: 60gsm- Non-sterile- Brand: Dishang- Country of Origin: China- FOB, MOQ 100,000* For bulk or oversea orde..

Monitair IonAir EC1500

HKD 5,200.00
World Leading Bipolar Ionization TechnologyThe IonAir EX1500 is the world's most powerful bipolar ionization device. (Design for public or relatively big area, there are additional peripherals for air..

Monitair Ionboxx

HKD 3,380.00
By using unique Bipolar Ionization Technology (BIT) invented in Israel, Monitair ionboxx can generate up to 10 billion positive and negative ions per second (100 times more than the same product on th..

New Gen Portable Monitair Ionboxx

HKD 1,980.00
The latest release of the new generation of Israeli bipolar Ionization Minotair Ionboxx! The size is much smaller, and much more easy to carry out on the street. Remarkably, the efficacy remains the s..

VEINOPLUS back (舒背樂)

HKD 1,188.00 HKD 1,555.00
Veinoplus back | Smart Muscle Stimulator | Professional Treatment Of Back Pain and Muscle Soreness | France BrandFrance BrandSmart combination of a complex and unique stimulation pattern including ..

All Test 3-in-1 Rapid Antigen Tests for COVID-19 / Influenza A / Influenza B (1 Nasal Swab Test) HKMO No. 230160 (1 Carton, 400 Tests)

HKD 11,400.00
Product Description:Originated from Hong Kong Official Distributor  ✅  Enlisted in Department of Health (HK) "The list of Medical Device" HKMO NO. 230160  ✅ Can determine whether y..

Saniswiss - H1 Hand Sanitizer 500ml【Original licensed goods】

HKD 220.00
Packing SpecbollteCountry of OriginSwitzerland/EUDescription-Versatile, effective in 30 seconds-Does not contain allergenic ingredients-HydrogelDescription-Versatile, effective in 30 seconds-Does not ..

Saniswiss - Sanicleaner Hands H2 Hand Cleaner 500ml【Original licensed goods】

HKD 225.00 HKD 260.00
Packing Spec500mlCountry of OriginSwitzerland/EUDescriptionNeutral pHTested dermatologicallyFrequent hand and body cleansingFormulated with ingredients of organic origin. Alkali-free with excellent cl..

Household Sanitizer Atomizer

HKD 488.00 HKD 588.00
Home Atomizer KitFill Medical Professional Sanitizer into the Household Sanitizer Atomizer! The atomizer can effectively turns all the particles of the cleaning disinfectant into extremely small, and ..

Portable Sanitizer Atomizer

HKD 288.00
Car Atomizer KitFill Medical Professional Sanitizer into the Portable Car Sanitizer Atomizer! The atomizer can effectively turns all the particles of the cleaning disinfectant into extremely small, an..
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