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CYTOLOGICS GF+ NMN BioMolecule Night Cream (30ml)

HKD 580.00
GF+ NMN BioMolecule Night CreamTriple / Three-time skin care and lubricating formula Repairs skin cell chainsRebuild youthful regeneration overnight | Rejuvenate and tighten muscleIt has six major fun..

CYTOLOGICS GF+ NMN Biozyme-revitalization Cream (30ml)

HKD 520.00
GF+ NMN Biozyme-revitalization CreamRevolutionary Science Cell Reactivation ProgrammeRestoring full jaw line for toned and youthful-looking skin* Using state-of-the-art technology to lock and strength..

Cytologics GF+ NMN Dermal MicroCore Serum (30ml)

HKD 680.00
GF+ NMN Dermal MicroCore Serum4D skin-reactive programme NMN | Peptide | Liposome| EGF Revitalizing skin in 4 dimension Reactivating Renew the vitality of the skin NMN + Effective Peptide+ Patented EG..

Cytologics GF+ NMN Regenerative Cytokine Eye Cream (20ml)

HKD 480.00
GF+ NMN Regenerative Cytokine Eye CreamMulti-effect Repair Serum with Patented Regenerative CytokineThe combination of nature and technology|Anti-early aging Combining 3 major active ingredients: huma..

CYTOLOGICS Liposome β-NMN 18000 (60 capsules) (Special For 2 Bottles)

HKD 1,080.00
CYTOLOGICS Liposome β-NMN 18000 (60 capsules)* Highly concentrated liposomal NMN per capsule, more stabilized, better adsorption* 3 + 1 Formulation: NMN, Q10, Resveratrol + PQQ* ≧99.6% Pure NMN* Resto..

CYTOLOGICS Liposome β-NMN 9000 (60 capsules) (Special for 2 Bottles)

HKD 880.00
CYTOLOGICS Liposome β-NMN 9000 (60 capsules)* Highly concentrated liposomal NMN per capsule, more stabilized, better adsorption* 3 in 1 Formulation: NMN + Q10 + Resveratrol* ≧99.6% Pure NMN* Restores ..

MOMOYO NMN18000 Anti-aging Capsules 72's

HKD 1,680.00 HKD 1,880.00
MOMOYO Wakakirei NMN 18000 is a new revolutionary anti-aging formula that breaks through the top ten effects. Each capsule contains more than 250 mg, with a purity of more than 99%. It can quickly rep..

NMN Piatto (Made in Japan)

HKD 3,280.00 HKD 3,500.00
NMN Piatto (Made in Japan) ​(30 tablets/box)The latest NMN Piatto 18000 from the famous Japanese brand is a unique formula of NMN mouth-dissolving tablets, each tablet has a super high content of..
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