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Cardiovascular (Blood Vessel)

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Genlife Omiplus PROF. Antarctic Krill Oil (60 softgels) (Blood Vessel Health)

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✓ May assist in stabilizing blood lipid / cholesterol and improve cardiovascular health.✓ Maintain the health of eyes and brain.✓ Rich in Choline and Phospholipid, assisting maintenance of immune syst..

Genlife VegiAstin Natural Astaxanthin (30 softgels) (Super Active Antioxidant, Cardiovascular and Brain Health)

HKD 270.00
✓ Antioxidant ability is 6000 times^ great than Natural Vitamin C✓ Defend against ultraviolet rays, slow down the aging process of skin✓ Maintain cardiovascular and brain health, sooth eye fatigue✓ Ma..
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YourZooki Omega 3 450ml (Peach Mango Flavor) (Out of Stock)

HKD 388.00
YourZooki Omega 3 Fish OilGreat tasting support for the heart, brain, vision and immune system. Omega3 is a natural anti-inflammatory agent with remarkable anti-inflammatory effect, suitable for athl..
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