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IMC - Acting sterilization disinfectant 100ml

IMC - Acting sterilization disinfectant 100ml

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    - Japanese food grade additives are 100% safe
    - Approved by Japan "can kill 99.9% of novel coronavirus (COVID-19)" *2
    - Japan Ministry of Health, Welfare and Welfare approved food additive grade sterilizer *1
    -Pure natural grapefruit substance, 100% safe
    - Alcohol free
    - Can be directly used in tableware, food storage places, baby, pregnant women, elderly items, pet items, etc.

*1 The Japan Food Chemical Research Promotion Corporation's Existing Additives List contains item リスト111

*2 The natural citron extract GFS, the main ingredient of IMC citron long-acting sterilization and disinfectant, implemented the "Feline enteric coronavirus, WSU 79-1683" test at the Kitasato Environmental Science Center in Japan in February 2020 to achieve a 99.9% elimination effect. , The new coronavirus with the same structure proved to have the same effect.


HKUST Develops New Smart Antimicrobial Coating to Help Fight the Novel Coronavirus (Reproduced from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

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