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Saniswiss Automate aHP (Professional Automated Dry Mist Air Disinfection Machine)

Saniswiss Automate aHP (Professional Automated Dry Mist Air Disinfection Machine)

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Product Description

Saniswiss Automate aHP Professional Automated Dry Mist Air Disinfection Service

Saniswiss Automate aHP provides professional automated dry mist disinfection machine is effectively disinfect, eliminate allergens, deodorize, remove mold, fungi and mildew, remove formaldehyde, and eliminate pests by using difference kinds of Saniswiss solution. It has received over 20 EU certifications. It contains no alcohol or oxidants and does not damage any surfaces or leather garments. It is free of VOCs, alcohol, aldehydes, and phenols, removes allergens, and does not cause antibiotic resistance or require rinsing. The dry mist released is environmentally harmless and biodegradable, breaking down into water and oxygen.

Manual surface disinfection is often not thorough enough, as the disinfection process can be incomplete due to human factors, lack of time, and the use of inappropriate products and methods. Conventional disinfection services using spray guns can also lead to surfaces getting wet, potentially causing damage to sensitive electronic equipment.

The Saniswiss dry mist disinfection service uses an automated gas disinfection machine that automates the disinfection process. Through the unique synergistic action of its patented, highly effective hydrogen peroxide solution and micro-nebulization technology, it raises the standard of disinfection. The Automate aHP automated disinfection unit can distribute the dry mist throughout a room, covering areas up to 7,000 cubic meters.

Key features:

Surgical room disinfection level: The only product that can kill 99.9999% of viruses, bacteria, mold (spores and fungi) within 15-30 seconds, meeting surgical room disinfection requirements.

Dry mist technology: Exclusive patented Plasma Dry Mist technology, with solution molecules less than 1 micron, to achieve 100% coverage of all surfaces and spaces without wetting.

Safety: EU-certified disinfection solution free of volatile, organic compounds, alcohol, quaternary ammonium salts, aldehydes, and phenols, and harmless to humans.

Environmentally friendly: The product uses water and water derivatives, safe and returning to water.

Rapid disinfection: A typical 200 sq ft room can be fully disinfected in just over 30 minutes, with a fully automated process requiring no manual operation.

Disinfection service process:

Qualified staff use the advanced Automate aHP disinfection unit to provide highly effective environmental treatment solutions tailored to the specific needs. The unit automatically calculates the required disinfectant dosage based on the room volume, then initiates the disinfection program, which only takes a few minutes to thoroughly disinfect all surfaces and the air, including hard-to-reach areas. After a short misting period and 30-minute resting time, the room can be immediately reoccupied, without any need for monitoring or risk of wetting or damaging surfaces and electronics.

The service covers a wide range of settings, including hospitals, laboratories, clinics, clubs, malls, stores, building lobbies, schools, residences, showrooms, recreational facilities, and other commercial and public areas.

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For service details and quotation, please contact our representative :+852 92213956.

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