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Health Culture x Saniswiss x Germagic professional disinfection service ($1.5/Feet)

Health Culture x Saniswiss x Germagic professional disinfection service ($1.5/Feet)

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[Medical grade disinfection-Swiss patented biological disinfection sterilization instrument and sterilization formula ! Professional disinfection and comprehensive anti-bacterial services with unique technology of Saniswiss and Germagic, including new coronavirus. Suitable for indoor use, lifts, company floors and hospitals, or any place that needs sterilization. 10,000 times higher than normal disinfection efficiency, Long-lasting sterilization with 90 days anti-epidemic coating!

Price: Minimum spending:$2,000, no matter how small the area is. For area above, the charge will be $1.50 per feet. More than 3000 feet will have special discounts.

Saniswiss (Swiss made)

-Manufacturing medical-grade professional sterilization and disinfection technology

-10,000 times sterilization efficiency (99.9999% VS 99%)

-Eliminate all bacteria, viruses, spore bacteria and fungi within 1-30 seconds, including SARS COV2 (over 30 EU EN certifications)

-Food grade 100% safe (no CLP danger label, neutral PH)

-Dry Mist technology (AVHS particles (0.5-3μm)) without dead ends, ably full coverage of material surfaces without leaving excess moisture residue (cover all surfaces within 20,000 feet in 45 minutes)

Applicable to: hospital operating room:, living place, food processing and storage center, pharmaceutical manufacturing center, clean room of dust-free workshop, large property air cabinet room, etc.

Germagic (Made in Hong Kong)

Effectively kill viruses (SARS-COV-2) and more than 100 kinds of viruses and bacteria

Pass the US EPA's requirements for killing non-enveloped viruses, and have professional testing and certification in Australia and Japan

Effectively kill a variety of bacteria, viruses and molds up to 99.99% Germagic thyme coating has been confirmed to effectively inactivate cat calicivirus

Long-lasting sterilization for 90 days

Non-toxic, harmless, no secondary pollution

Products awarded the Hong Kong Green Mark

For details and quotation, please contact us (852)28927657 or whatsapp 97971138/ 92213956

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