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Sanswiss Biosanitizer H1 Package 6 Bottles (50ml) (Avg. $12/Bottle)

Sanswiss Biosanitizer H1 Package 6 Bottles (50ml) (Avg. $12/Bottle)

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Product Description

Biosanitizer H1 environmental disinfection skin care foam is a revolutionary water-based disinfection and moisturizing formula, specially designed for skin anhydrous disinfection. It contains hydrogen peroxide and a small amount of biologically extracted ethanol used for drying, can kill a wide range of bacteria, and is compatible with latex, nitrite and vinyl gloves. The bottle cap nozzle can produce rich and soft foam, avoiding the waste of foam spraying.

The moisturizer ingredients of this product benefit from the latest beauty research. It is selected from precious and suitable materials with natural characteristics. It can be moisturized at the same time when sterilized by the dermatology test without damaging the skin. (This product has not been tested on animals)

All health, hygiene, care and disinfection products manufactured by Saniswiss must pass the strict quality inspection and testing of the European Union, including the Swiss Federal Public Health Office (Federal Office of Public Health) and Swiss Medical Administration (Swissmedic) approval.

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