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Alpward Guard Pro I Disinfection Machine (AVHP) By Swiss (Pre-Order)

Alpward Guard Pro I Disinfection Machine (AVHP) By Swiss (Pre-Order)

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[Medical grade disinfection machine-Swiss patented biological disinfection sterilization instrument and sterilization formula ! Adopted AVHP Professional disinfection and comprehensive anti-bacterial services, including new coronavirus. Suitable for indoor use, lifts, company floors and hospitals, or any place that needs sterilization. 10,000 times higher than normal disinfection efficiency!

There is no need to remove anything, just open all cabinets so that disinfectant spray can cover all locations.

Eco Friendly
Unlike general disinfection chemical products, biocide S1 has natural non-toxic properties and is not in the category of orange "dangerous goods". The product does not contain heavy metals or peracetic acid, and no harmful chemicals or additives.
Low concentration of food grade Hydrogen Peroxide (<3.5%). Remains are water and oxygen only. Does not contain heavy metals harmful chemicals or other additives.Safe upon ingesting with food and is harmless to both human and animals. The familiarity of AVHP provides users a sense of confidence with hydrogen peroxide as a non-toxic, environmentally safe solution.

No harm to the body when used. After use, it will not produce traces, moisture, and will not damage any valuable items such as leather goods, clothing, electronic equipment, and the potion may even touch the food surface.

High efficiency
It is possible to disinfect all surfaces and air in a general room within 5 minutes. After disinfection, wait until the room is fully ventilated.

Strong germicidal power
The biocide S1 complies with more than 20 European Union certifications including EN14476, German DGHM / VAH and Switzerland. The aHP sterilizer is equipped with the Swiss CE1253 safety mark and meets the requirements of the Medical Device Directive 93/42 / EEC. The disinfection efficiency is a medical-grade standard.

Advance Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide
Adopt the unique formula AVHP which protects you from any environment. AVHP particles sized is smaller to 0.5-3μm(microns), which can provide more cost-effective and rapidly disinfection experience. UF Dry Mist Technology to disperse small AVHP particles, it allows complete coverage of material surfaces without leaving excess moisture residue.

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